Introducing Our 2024 Demo Fleet

The Latest and Greatest of the Season

Written by Georgia Hinds

While the season made a late appearance, winter is now in full swing and is here to stay! Our commitment to providing you with top-notch equipment and unforgettable moments takes center stage this season. Join us as we guide you through not just the best ski and snowboard equipment, but also the latest cutting-edge technology to make sure your ski trip is effortless. We’re thrilled to bring you our 2024 Demo Fleet with something for everyone!


Step into a world where every turn, jump, and descent takes you on an exciting adventure. Immerse yourself in the latest innovations, sleek designs, and high-performance equipment carefully curated by our team to elevate your skiing and snowboarding experiences. From beginner-friendly options to advanced models, there’s something for every skill level.

“At Crystal Mountain, it’s not just about gear; it’s about sharing our love for adventure. Our demo fleet is simply the best in the PNW; chosen for your personal exploration.” Andrew Dymerski – Sr. Manager of Retail-Rental



We have curated a list of our top picks for the 2024 season, whether you’re a seasoned pro or hitting the slopes for the first time, our selection caters to diverse preferences and skill sets. From versatile all-mountain skis to responsive and stylish snowboards, we’ve got the perfect match for your winter adventure.

“We host 12 ski brands with 86 different models of skis, totaling 196 pairs. For snowboards, we host 8 brands with 78 different models, totaling 89 snowboards!” Andy McDaniel – Rental Assistant Manager


Men’s Skis:

  • Nordica – Enforcer 104F (All Mountain) (Especially great for Crystal Mountain)
  • K2 – Reckoner 112 (All-Terrain Twin Rocker)
  • Atomic – Bent Chetler 110 (Powder Rocker)


Women’s Skis:

  • Blizzard – Black Pearl 97 (Rocker-Camber-Rocker)
  • Elan – Ripstick 96 B.E (Rocker-Camber-Rocker)
  • Line – Sakana 105 (Directional Flex)


Men’s Snowboards:

  • Arbor – Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber (Big Mountain/Resort Powder)
  • Lib Tech – Orca (All Mountain)
  • Jones – Stratos (Modern All-Mountain Ripper)


Women’s Snowboards:

  • Jones – Flagship (The Freeride Foundation)
  • Never Summer – Valhalla (Hard Charging Freeride)
  • RIDE – Mtnpig (Freeride)

Gear Technology Breakthroughs:

Step into the next generation of winter gear, where cutting-edge technology transforms your experience on the slopes. From advanced materials to ingenious design elements, our gear not only performs but enhances your overall enjoyment of winter sports.

  1. MIPS – Helmet Tech by SMITH: Experience enhanced protection with MIPS helmet technology from SMITH, ensuring top-notch safety for your winter adventures.
  2. Anthem Ski Boots – Multi-Last Fits (97mm-104mm), Boa System: Achieve the perfect fit with Anthem Ski Boots, offering a range of sizes (97mm-104mm) and the convenience of the Boa system for easy adjustments.
  3. Boots with Hiking and Touring Capabilities: Unlock all-mountain exploration with boots designed for hiking and touring. Experience the freedom to walk and explore off-piste terrain seamlessly.


Pro Tips for Choosing from Our 2024 Demo Fleet:

Curious about what sets our demo fleet apart? Beyond the latest gear and technology, we prioritize your experience. Test out multiple options to find the perfect fit for your style. Our expert staff is on hand to guide you, ensuring you make the most of your time on the mountain. It’s not just about trying gear; it’s about discovering your ideal winter adventure companion. Keep a look out on our socials for our demo pop-ups this season, featuring various brands and ski styles.

Get ready to carve your path through the snow with confidence and style. Our 2024 Demo Fleet awaits, promising not just a gear upgrade but a winter sports experience like never before. Embrace the thrill, explore the innovations, and make this winter your most memorable one yet. The slopes are calling, and with our latest offerings, you’re in for an extraordinary ride!

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