Tele Dan


A story of saving the seasons and healing the soul.

Filmed & produced by Steep Motion
Written by Vivika Stamolis

This is a story of saving the seasons and healing the soul. Tele Dan has gone from medic in the military to Silent Steward of the mountain, picking up trash in the summer to feel better shredding in the winter. Here he reveals the realities under the snow and inspires us to go the extra mile in preserving the mountain.

For years, he’s been scaling the slopes solo, cleaning up as the snow clears, every day he can. “All the things that I do here in the summer are motivated by the fact that I’ll be skiing here in the winter,” says Dan. “I want it to be pristine forever… So I do what I can to make sure people see the green instead of the garbage.”

Let’s minimize our impact to maximize how we play. Remember that our actions today impact our mountain for seasons to come. Thank you, Tele Dan and all the other silent stewards of the mountain – for inspiring us all to do our part in preserving this outdoor playground.

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