Driving Tips for Safe Trips

Remember that safety is important the whole way, the whole day - both on and off the slopes. Happy travels!

Written by Vivika Stamolis

Snow is here, on our slopes and on the roads. We’re stoked for winter. Skis and snowboards are back in our doorways, ready to ride. We’re all geared up, and your vehicles should be, too.

The drive up to Crystal Mountain is a winter wonderland. Evergreen trees surround. Here you can get connected with nature – but first you should get connected with your car. Learn to love it, and learn to drive it right. It’s what gets you up here doing what you love.

Before you hit the highway for your mountain adventures, prepare yourself and your vehicle. Here are some key tips for a safe trip:

Photo courtesy of Christy Pelland

1. Winter Tires: We recommend investing a little more in your safety with winter tires. Your “all season” tires won’t quite cut it on the winding grade up or down Crystal Mountain Blvd. Winter tires will provide the extra traction necessary to keep you from sliding. While you’re at it, check your tire pressure. Make sure your tires are inflated to the vehicle manufacturer recommendations (often printed on a placard near the driver’s side door jamb or in the glove box). Pressure changes as temperature changes, so check regularly!

Photo courtesy of Christy Pelland

2. Slow and steady: Avoid accelerating or braking quickly. Hold on to the steering wheel with both hands and stay engaged with the road ahead. Just like when you are skiing or riding, make each move with intention. When approaching stop signs or turns, apply brakes gently and do not jolt the wheel. Stay an extra length away from the car in front of you. Minimize distractions inside the car – if you need to snack after a long day of shredding, refuel your body in the parking lot before you head out.

Photo courtesy of Christy Pelland

3. Plan ahead & “Know Before You Go”: Speaking of refueling… Make sure you have a full tank before driving up. Both cars and humans need adequate fuel to function properly! Also, stay in the know by checking our Mountain Report page for updates on the forecast. Be ready for a snowstorm even if it’s all sunshine the day before. This means keeping your “survival kit” packed with essentials such as water, food, space blanket, snow scraper, tire chains, jumper cables, tow rope, flashlight, extra layers and such.

Remember that safety is important the whole way, the whole day – both on and off the slopes. Happy travels!

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