Driving Community Forward

Written by Caitlin Habenicht

Ready to swap weekend chaos for midweek freedom? Seeking adventures with our friends in the middle of the week can be challenging, but starting new routines, or new activities can open entire new communities. This season, Crystal Mountain is excited to bring back midweek bus groups, so you can stick together with your friends for all the rides; whether it’s on a bus or the slopes. Read on to explore how the midweek bus groups can offer more than just skiing- becoming a catalyst for new friendships, community, and life-long memories. 



Whether you ski or snowboard, you are very likely to find a friend or crew to stick together with on the midweek bus groups. Sometimes lifelong friends are made in unexpected settings, and the midweek bus groups are one of those places. When you get on a bus, you meet all sorts of people, some that are going for their first time, some that have been skiers and riders for decades, and some that are there just to spend a day in the mountains. Whether you are going for your first lesson, or just looking to skip the hassle of driving, taking the bus allows you to connect with folks with a variety of backgrounds.

Patti Moffit, a lifelong Crystal skier since 1972 said “I found my ski family on buses to Crystal. Up until 1988, I skied a few times a year, most of my friends had stopped skiing. In 1988, our neighbors suggested the Thursday Cascade Ski School bus to Crystal. Meeting new people who loved skiing was very special! In 1990, I looked for another bus to ride and found the Tuesday Tacoma Lawn and Tennis Club bus. I had now met another group of people who welcomed me into their group! 34 years later, we all hike, golf, travel, and support each other when we are not at the mountain. What a ride it has been!



The community found in the mountains is nothing short of special, some might find it crazy to think these relationships form from a bus ride but when there is one goal and one vision in mind, the bond becomes unbreakable.

I joined the Tuesday and Thursday ski buses over a decade ago. I was a self-employed working mom with a desire for adventure and not a current group of adventure buddies. Within a day on the bus, I had met a group of like-minded people of all ages and abilities who became instant friends and we have been adventuring around the world ever since. They say “yes” to life, whether it is helping you reach the next level of your sport, passing food and drink or dancing in the isle to stretch after a big powder day; they say “yes”. The support and friendship of the ski bus group changed my life today and always in a totally positive way.
– Janet Perry, Crystal Mountain skier since 1990.


If you are looking for a midweek escape on the slopes, finding a new passion, or connecting with a group of adventure seekers, the midweek bus groups are for you.

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