Building the roots of ski racing at Crystal

Produced by Steep Motion
Written by Emma Brice

Since 1963, the Crystal Mountain Alpine Club (CMAC) has been committed to developing the athletic skills and character of young people through the pursuit of sport. Crystal Mountain is the ultimate playground for building a foundation of ski skills and pushing the limits. “Some programs are more rigid about ‘this time’s training’ and everything’s so regimented, we’re like, ‘oh it snowed two feet, well guys let’s go powder skiing!’ This week it’s sunny, rock-hard ice everywhere, perfect for training…having both sides of it really is beneficial because you become a great skier, and on hard snow days you become a great racer, so you got best of both worlds,” said CMAC director Alan Lauba. Whether it’s a deep powder day or ripping fast groomers, CMAC is all about taking advantage of what the mountain has to offer to become a better skier, athlete, and person. While the ultimate goal is to build a community that shares a passion for the sport, CMAC has inspired generations of young racers to live for the steep and deep and go for the gold.

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