Heart & Soul: Adventure Out with Layla Anane & the Service Board

Working together to increase outdoor access for youth

Produced by Steep Motion
Written by Emma Brice

Working together to make the outdoors a more accessible and safe space for everyone, Crystal Mountain is proud to partner with the Service Board (tSB). With organizations like tSB, the doors are opened for youth to discover the outdoor community as an inclusive space where possibilities have no limits. Layla Anane, tSB Director of Development & Communications, and Crystal Ambassador, shares, “Without tSB it was much less likely that I would’ve even explored any of these opportunities. It made me think that I could do other things; that I could climb, and I could hike, and I could mountaineer. So tSB was really that gateway to build trust and step in the outdoors.” To support tSB’s mission, Crystal is hosting a Retro Fool’s Day event on April 2, 2022. All proceeds will support increasing access to snow sports for high school aged youth in King and surrounding counties. Carrying on the tradition from last year, we will have more retro flare, mountain festivities, and prizes to support tSB. Crystal is “not just a place you go to ski or snowboard,” Layla says. “It’s a place where you can come and see all the other people from last year that were here too and build that community.”

About the Service Board

“As a youth-led organization, the Service Board (tSB) builds community around the power of youth. For the last 25 years, tSB has developed and implemented culturally relevant programming for high school-aged youth from marginalized communities (BIPoC, LGBTQAI+, low-income, immigrants, refugees, houseless youth, and or those in foster care). tSB provides youth an inclusive space where youth can challenge themselves, find their voices and foster a more equitable future.”

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