Reach for the mountains


Crystal local and worldwide legend Jim Martinson pushes the limits with his revolutionary design of the sit ski 

Filmed by: Steep Motion
Written by: Emma Brice

Leading the way across terrain with his revolutionary design of the sit ski, Crystal local, worldwide legend, and Paralympic athlete Jim Martinson, pushes the limits and possibilities of skiing.

“I loved skiing when I had legs. I never dreamt I could get to the level of skiing sitting down that I was to level of standing up. Sometimes I had to look down and see that I wasn’t standing up. I had the same feeling, of carving that ski. And I just kept pushing myself to get to the next level,” says Martinson.

Through innovation, perseverance, and sheer passion for the sport, Martinson paves the way to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring others to find their own freedom through the love of the mountains.

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