Rentals and Demos: Get the Inside Scoop from the Experts

Great gear is the starting point to a great day on the mountain. Buckle down and strap in with a solid setup, and you are prepped to shred.

Written by Vivika Stamolis, Photos courtesy of Christy Pelland

Great gear is the starting point to a great day on the mountain. Buckle down and strap in with a solid setup, and you are prepped to shred. Maybe you’ve done your research, maybe you haven’t. Gear fitting can be overwhelming at first. A number of factors will influence your selection. Experience level, riding style, terrain preference, and foot volume are just a few pieces of the puzzle to your setup. If your boots are too small or your board is too big, you are limiting yourself. The body overexerts itself to compensate for the wrong fit, which takes a toll on muscles and joints. You deserve better. Fortunately, our rental and demo shop is stocked with a wide variety of options. With the right gear, tailored to your style and preferences, you can carve comfortably and confidently. Here’s where our demo experts come in to set you up for success.

Rentals and demos at Crystal Mountain are easier than ever this year, now at our base next to Right Angle Sports shop. Go straight to the slopes in no time. This year, it’s best to reserve your equipment online. While we do take walk-up rentals, we recommend booking ahead to guarantee everything you need. Make your selections based on descriptions in the checkout. Or, next time you are on the mountain, pop in to talk to one of our experts. They will have all the tips and tricks to fit you with what you need.

Whether you’re looking to try a pair of powder skis or a board for the parks, all the styles you need are here. This year’s most popular demo skis are Atomic “Bent-Chetler” 100/120”, Backland 107”, Armada “Declivity” 92+102Ti, Trace 98”, and K2 “Mindbender” 106/116”. The most popular demo boards are Lib Tech “T-rice Orca, Dynamo”, Rossignol “Sashimi, Revenant” Burton “Flight Attendant”, and Arbor “Bryan Iguchi, Shiloh Rocker.”

Next year we will be bringing in some sweet new brands including Jones and Weston, with many more varieties of skis and boards from Lib Tech, Liberty, Volkl, Blizzard, and others currently in our shop. Andrew Dymerski, Rental Shop Manager, puts his heart and soul into providing the hottest gear and best service year after year. “We listen to our consumers and it makes me very excited to bring in what our customers want! Next year the Quiver pass will be an even better hit than it was this year.”

Andrew Dymerski is grateful to have a team of strong and knowledgeable demo experts.

“Sarah Musgrave has been working with me in the shop for 5 years and makes this job look easy, always with a smile on her face.” Find Sarah in the shop to get stoked and inspired with new gear.

“Tim is the biggest gear head I know, like a sponge when it comes to learning how gear is made, what it’s made out of, and how it handles.” Find Tim in the shop to learn all the gear specs.

For more demo and rental shop connections, Andrew will fill you in on his expert team:

“KJ, Bailee and Kyelar have been with me for a couple years, and all have grown into great human beings who care for and help the rest of the team.” Colin, John, Bailee, James, Laura, Elinor, Natalie, Kyelar, KJ, Will, Amanda and the rest of the full time crew. “Everyone else in their 1st year working in rentals, there has been constant growth. I am proud to have them all on my team.”

If you haven’t met these talented demo experts, you still have time this season. Make the most of your adventure days with the perfect gear picked out by our specialists. Low-volume or high-volume, your feet will thank you in the right boots. It’s all about the right fit. Feel the difference of our high-performance skis and boards floating on powder or carving into corduroy. There’s something for everyone to strengthen your connection to the mountain. Head out with confidence. We can’t wait to see you back in our rental shop for your next adventure day.

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