Crystal’s Core: Round 3

Meet a few more members of our ambassador team

Written By: Vivika Stamolis

Meet a few more members of our ambassador team, big-mountain adventurers with stoke to share and stories to tell, proud to call Crystal home. Their passion runs deep in our snow. Their personal connection to the terrain and to the community is strong.

From the chair they’re cheering you on, giving you that boost to carve your best. Our slopes are charged with their positivity. Bringing to life the core elements of our values, our ambassadors use their unique perspectives and diverse skills to highlight the range of experience at Crystal. They are at the heart of Crystal’s Core.

Colton Jacobs

First and foremost an athlete, creative mind and outdoorsman, Colton is known for his iconic adventure photography. You’ve seen his work in magazines and across your favorite outdoor brands. You’ve seen him shred across the mountain. Watch out on your next traverse to the King – Colton will probably pass you even with a 40lb camera pack on his back! Find him in the powder with our other ambassadors. He’s capturing all the stoke at 20 frames a second. Now that’s action-packed!

What makes Crystal special to you?

Best powder in WA!!!! And the KING! Yeeew!

Ryan L. French

Capturing the fun with his camera and sharing the stoke with his friends, Ryan French brings our mountain to life. His extraordinary work as the Founder of TypeTwoFilm shines on the pages of Crystal Mountain, SheJumps, Ikon Pass, Arc’teryx, and more. Oh, and did we mention he is TikTok famous? Ryan came to Crystal four years ago as an avid mountain biker, and fell in love with the mountain. He elevates the community, and the community elevates him. We’re stoked you’re here!

What are your favorite parts about Crystal Mountain?

The community at Crystal has been amazing. I love how supportive they were in my “wobbly deer on skis” phase and how much they push me today. They really make the mountain special for me. As a full-time creative, all the runs off the King are incredible. It’s so cool being in such a photogenic landscape without leaving the resort boundary.

Blair Habenicht

With deep dedication and big stoke, Blair charges hard at Crystal year after year. If he’s not shredding the steepest slopes here, he’s probably catching the biggest waves in the Pacific Ocean. He lives up to the term “earn your turns” with every hike up the King for fresh tracks. You may have seen the Habenicht family Founders in historic photos around Crystal from the 60’s. Blair was raised racing here, and now he is raising the fourth generation of Habenichts on the mountain. As the mastermind behind the Last Ditch Effort banked slalom event, Blair has passionately built up the snowboarding scene at Crystal Mountain. His motivation moves mountains!

Photo Credit: Alex Pashley

What’s your favorite run?

That one over there.

Tyler Ceccanti

You’ve heard his name before. You may recognize him as one of your favorite Warren Miller athletes – Tyler has been in eight films since his first was shot at Crystal Mountain in 2009. He learned to ski as soon as he could walk, and the rest is history. His family roots at the mountain continue to go deeper since he met and proposed to his wife here. When he’s not traveling or filming, Tyler spends most of his days skiing at Crystal Mountain. Find him on Chair 6, eyeing Hollywood cliff for his next backflip in prime conditions. Yeah, Tyler!

Photo Credit: Ray J. Gadd

How did you get so big into skiing?

I have been skiing at Crystal Mountain since the early age of 2. Eventually I ventured off into the big mountain competition circuit which then led me to filming with Warren Miller. I currently spend most of my days skiing at Crystal when I am not traveling or filming.

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