Ryan Schmees drawing

Heart & Soul: Lines & Designs with Ryan Schmies

A story of a talented artist, father, husband, and skier blending his passion for art and the outdoors.

Produced by: Steep Motion
Written by: Emma Brice

Crystal Ambassador, Ryan Schmies, has been designing skis since he was 21, but drawing lines didn’t stop in the studio. After he started skiing in his home state of Wisconsin at Cascade Mountain, he never looked back. After finding a way to blend his passion for art and skiing, he moved up to Seattle, WA where he is now able to share his love for the outdoors with his wife and two young daughters at Crystal Mountain.
“It’s a place I grew to love from the first moment I was able to come skiing there. My wife and I had so many good times getting to know each other and riding at Crystal with our friends, we chose to get married at the summit the year they built the gondola,” said Schmies. The couple was married on 9/10/11 with clear skies, 70-degree weather, and Mount Rainier as the backdrop.

To this day, Crystal Mountain holds a special place in their hearts as they share the experience with their two young girls. “Movement is medicine for your mind, body, and soul. I think it just rejuvenates you, it’s exciting, it’s fun, you’re out there enjoying nature and to do that as a family is pretty special,” Ryan said.

Schmies’ determination to blend his passions together has allowed him to inspire others and share his art and designs with the world.

“I think advice for anybody that’s looking to follow a similar path of blending their love of art or design in the outdoor world is to follow your heart, follow your gut, have fun with it. You have to work hard; you certainly have to put all you have into it. But if you’re having fun with it and working hard, I think opportunities will present themselves and hopefully, you can have a damn good time doing it.”

Learn more about Ryan and explore his artwork at SchmiesDesign.com. See if you can spot his skis next time you’re on the slopes!

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