Farm to Mountain dinner


Sourcing local and sustainable ingredients to provide a culinary mountain experience

Written by: Emma Brice
Filmed by: Steep Motion

We’ve all heard of Farm to Table. Sourcing local, sustainable ingredients and bringing them directly to the table to foster a healthier and more sustainable way of eating. Crystal Mountain’s Director of Food + Beverage, Christian Adams, took this concept and created the Farm to Mountain dinner experience.

“When a guest comes and visits us, I feel we have a responsibility to give them an experience that is worthy of the mountain that we’re lucky to host them on. How do we provide an experience that is worthy of those views? Let’s take the farm to table concept and make it farm to mountain,” Adams said.

The Farm to Mountain dinner series is designed to highlight the talents of Crystal Mountain’s food and beverage team, along with the talents of our local farmers and ranchers to enhance the views that we have and to provide a unique mountaintop culinary experience for our guests.

“You generally will not see the same dish repeated over the summer. We try to make sure we’re giving the guest a different experience in June than they’ll get in August. I want our food to be a reflection of our environment, of those views, and of the terrain and beauty that they’re experiencing when they come to Crystal Mountain,” he said.

The Farm to Mountain dinner series is hosted every Saturday throughout the summer until September 2nd. The dinner series features locally sourced, carefully curated menus designed to showcase the specialty flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Guests upload the scenic gondola around 5pm and are served a multi-course meal at the Summit House, accompanied by the breathtaking 360-degree views of Mount Rainier and surrounding peaks. This is an event you won’t want to miss, check out the Farm to Dinner series schedule and reserve your table now.

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